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    • Default Layout:
      • Left Align Labels
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      • Labels Above
      • Labels Below
      • Hints on the Side
      • Hints Below
      • Hints in Pop-up
      • Navigation Bar
    • Language
      • Language selection affects system messages, formatting of date fields and text direction.

    • Custom Code
      • Use this space to add HTML, CSS or javascript code before your form.
        You must click 'Apply' for your changes to take effect.

    • Form Name

      • The form name is for your own internal use only and may
        be left empty. It does not appear on the form.

        The form title is visible in the form and can be edited directly
        in the preview.

    • Form Width

      • Reset the width of your form.
        Default width: 700px

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Predefined Elements are listed in the 'Add Content' menu and can be reused in other forms.


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Description (optional)

You can edit here how Predefined Elements appear in the 'Add Content' menu.

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Released: 05/04/2016
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